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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scout gave us a little scare...

So anyone who knows me in "real life" knows I love my dog.  Scout is an almost 9 year old Chocolate Lab, who has been a part of our family since he was about 13 weeks old.  I feel like a rescued him, even though I did get him from a breeder.  Needless to say Scout had and has a few issues, mostly though he's just the cutest dog in the whole world (I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks their dog is the cutest thing ever).  With my other friends animals having severe problems lately and my radar on high, Scout "decided" to start limping on Sunday.

Scout at Christmas with his new Hedgie.
Weird thing:  I took Scout out for his morning walk on Sunday and he was just fine.  I took him out to pee and get ready to go for a car ride to meet the girls and Sophie (Scout's girlfriend) to go for a run, and he's limping.  I did not take him for that run, thinking I didn't need to injure him farther or aggravate whatever was going on with him.  It was Sunday, he didn't really seem like he was in distress except of the limping, I decided to wait and call the vet on Monday morning to get him in.  I had the day off on Monday, I would be able to go in and talk to the vet and see what was happening.  Except that when I called, the 2 vets that I prefer to see were out, or booked up for the day.  I had to option of taking one of the other vets (there are 4 in the office) 1 who I just don't see eye to eye with (although lot's of other people like her), and one I just didn't know (therefore don't feel comfortable with), dropping Scout off and letting the vet I knew and liked check him when she had time throughout the day (but not in an exam room with us there) and picking him up later in the day (not a good option since he'd be sitting around in a cage/crate all day), or taking an appointment on Tuesday.  I took the appointment on Tuesday, well, Jason took the appointment on Tuesday.  Scout was still limping throughout the day, but it didn't seem to be getting worse, and he wasn't complaining about it (not that dogs really do).

Scout looking through the glass door at Granny J's House
Yesterday: Tuesday.  I went to work.  Jason took Scout to the vet.  Dr Lewis did a great job of checking him over.  They ended up taking a couple of x-rays on his left leg to check (no sedative to do that).  All his bones and joints look good, no sign of anything else (like cancer) happening.  They think it is probably a soft tissue issue a sprain or strain.  Or it could be something with his spinal column, but she said that was pretty unlikely.  Not sure how he strained or sprained his foot (left) while laying around the house, but it is possible that he did.  So for now he's on anti-inflammatory meds, and on restrictive actions, which mean just leash walks, no playing time with jumping or running.  So no D-O-G P-A-R-K for him for a couple of weeks.

I slept 12 hours last night, it could be because I needed some serious stress reduction sleep to happen, or I might be getting sick.  I'm going to hope that it's the first.  And now you know why my stress levels might of been a little high. *smiles*

Look at that sweet face!

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