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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week in Review...

Last Saturday and Sunday were filled with Birthday Parties Galore!

Nate and Pete had their 3rd and 1st Birthday Party, and Scott had his 40th Birthday Party.

Monday held the Kick-off for the TNT tri-season. We met at TAC (Triangle Aquatic Center), had a meeting to meet all the peeps and then got in the water to do drills and a timed 500 yd swim (for the Augusta team). Ohh and I worked at a great office in Wake Forest too. I loved the staff, but it was interesting that they haven't upgraded to the computer/digital era.

Tuesday got busy, and I missed my run workout, but I had a fun time with Special Olympics swim team and the parents/coaches dinner. Worked all day at my normal office (near Cameron Village).

Wednesday was good, but I'm tired from it. I made up my run, after I had a session at the Human Performance Lab (at Meredith College). The session was a bike that I got to wear a mask so they can test all kinds of fun things. I got my testing for "free", because I'm doing a cycling study with them. It's a study to see if the duration of a warm-up effects the time of a 5K bike. Ohh and it's on 3% grade hill. My legs were toast.

Today (Thursday) most of my patients cancelled- meaning I have one patient in the afternoon. So no work for me until this afternoon. So I went to the dog park with Scout (he's pooped) and am about to do some pilates and then go for a swim before I head into work.

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