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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a Day!!

I started my day with a trip to the dog park with Scout. A new "puppy" was at the park that was a shepherd/hound/rotty mix. He was cute (and four years old) and called Prince. Scout tried to play with him, but he was a little shy. Overall a good time was had.

I went over to Coach Chris's house to drop off her album. I'm lucky to be able to have a little talent in the paper crafting field. I'm pretty good at making cards and scrapbooks. Overall I'm fairly crafty, I get that from my Mom. I've always been a good colorer, and that turned into all kinds of fun stuff. I made a scrapbook for Coach Chris, and I'm pretty sure she liked it. It makes me happy when people like what I make.

My training schedule today called for an easy run (30 minutes) and an hour and a half bike ride. It actually said to do the group ride with Cycling Spoken Here. However I've done that ride before (it's been a year) and I wasn't impressed, but I need to give it another try. I decided to see if any of my friends wanted to ride with me. We kind of came up a plan to ride at 2pm around Jordan Lake. However almost everyone baled on me. No worries though, Jess showed up to ride near me. It was a beautiful day and the ride was fantastic. We had a slight break between the ride and the run, to meet a little puppy (8 weeks old) that was walking around. He was SOOOO cute. The run was good too. Nothing to crazy, just my normal 4 min run, 1:20 walk.

I drove home after all that. I got stuck in crazy rush hour traffic on I-540. Unfortunately some people don't pay enough attention while in bumper to bumper traffic. So I got a little tap from the "NICE YOUNG GENTLEMAN" who was driving behind me. Not sure why he wasn't paying attention....but HOLY CRAP!! It was just a tap, he was only concerned about the small mark he barely made on my car. I however was mostly concerned with the fact the my Multi-thousand dollar bike was on the back of my car that he just hit! ARRRGGGHHHH. My bike "looked" okay and I just let the jerk go. I went directly to my bike store (The Trek Store in Raleigh). They checked it out for me. It rolled funny coming off the rack, but it was just the brake that got twisted. I'm a wee bit nervous about the coming months and years with my know the bike that I LOVE!! Why O Why didn't I get the jerk's info?? Lesson learned, and hopefully I will never have to deal with this ever again. I did get on my bike and ride it around, it felt fine, I just hope it stays fine.

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  1. OMG! Someone actually hit your bike!?!?! That sucks!!!! I'm glad to hear it's ok. AND very glad my bike wasn't on the outside this time. He he.