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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here's what's happening...

Last weekend (the 20th/ 21st) I was at Myrtle Beach for a Dental Hygiene convention.

Last weekend was also our 10th Anniversary. When I got back from the beach Jason and I had lunch at great little place in Cameron Village. I had a yummy glass of rose wine.

For dinner (for our Anniversary) we went to Brazil! Well not really but we went to a Brazilan Steakhouse, and it was yummy. We brought our own wine, it was a 2001 Rioja! It was really Yummy!

I started swimming in the lake (Falls Lake). After the first swim out at the lake with my friend Donna this was what my car said the temperature was. Actually it said 102 when I first got in, but the AC brought it down to 100! It's getting out out!

My friend Frank had his annual Mexifest party...and we were finally invited (and weren't busy doing other stuff). It was a wonderful night of hanging out and eating some yummy mexican inspired food, beer, and drinks.

Sunrise before a 50 mile bike ride (this was on Saturday). It was so beautiful out!

Jason, Kim, and I after our 8 mile run (on Sunday). Yeah there were about a million pictures that I took, and of course in other pictures you could actually see Jason and Kim, but this is the best picture of me, and sine it's my blog I get to have the good picture! *smiles*
When we finished the run this is what we saw! Of course this is what I happen to call Jason. So I told him I paid someone to put it on their car so it would be there when we finished the run. HA!! (It says: I love my Boo Bear)

So on Monday I went to deliver some raffle tickets to one of my teammates to sell. I got stuck as a neighborhood parade went by. It was a pretty good little parade, but I didn't want to be stuck in it!

Really Foggy Morning on Tuesday! Really Really Foggy!

I've been training like crazy lately, so my posts have been a wee bit sparse. I'm tired, which I expected. I can't wait until all the training settles in with my body/mindset and I'm not so tired all the time. Of course I feel like this a good trial for me, as I can do this! This is nothing compared to those going through chemo and what they feel like. I'm doing all of this for them (and a little bit for me). If you feel like helping go to the link on the side (to my team in training fundraising page) and donate there. Also let me know if you want to buy a raffle ticket to win $1,000 cold hard cash! That's right folks I'm raffling off $1,000. Tickets are 1 for $10 or 3 for $25. The drawing is on August 27th!

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