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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back at the Bob Ride.

I had a great ride yesterday.

It's been awhile since I've done the Bob ride.

What's the Bob ride you ask?

The Bob ride is a 46 mile ride through N. Raleigh and into Durham county. It's a great ride, done with my friend Kim and her neighbor (who is also my friend) Bob. Bob just happens to be 73 (I think 73, maybe just 72). He amazing on his bike, and a pretty darn good runner too. Bob does the Cycle NC Mountains to Coast ride every year. And Bob likes hills!! In fact Bob LOVES hills. So on our way out on the Bob ride we start going up hill, and it just keeps happening. The only good thing is when there is an up there is a down. WOO HOO!! Going uphill took my bike speed down to 6-7 mph at time, but coming down I got up to 34 mph. Yeah times. Of course going up that slow takes forever and coming down that fast is so quick.

I've been riding out by Jordan Lake lately, and have been really happy averaging in the 18-20 mph range. A huge improvement in speed over my last couple of years of cycling. I guess riding with the fast kids has started to pay off a little. Unfortunately or fortunately the fast kids just keep getting faster! *smiles* The Bob ride, was humbling for my pace. I barely averaged 17 mph, but I'm still really happy with that, because yeah did I mention how hilly it is??

I didn't get to stop and rest as much on the way back of the Bob ride (usually there is a stop at Bruegers the bagel place), because I had a birthday party to get to (more on that in another post).

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