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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Run off Willy's

Good Run today. I've been lazy this weekend...and it's been nice. However I did bring my stuff to run and swim. So I put on my running stuff and did a run around the 'boro. Just under 4 and half miles. It was windy and cloudy out....and the hills around here are ummm fun. I love my running app that I use on my iphone. Run meter is a great little device that works through your GPS to track your miles (although my GPS is off a bunch of the time and it has me running through the middle of people's houses), and it prompts people on facebook and dailymile to write comments to you and it speaks it to me while I'm running. One friend from our neighborhood likes to try to make me smarter while I run. I hope his experiment is working. Today I got to learn all about asphalt.

I'm hoping this run took care of the Willy's I ate last night...and maybe a little for the Willy's I will probably eat tonight! *winks* Hope everyone is having a great weekend
It was raining last night so we ate in the car, and I didn't take a picture before I started this is what Willy's is...they yummiest soft serve ice cream on the East Coast. Just sayin'!

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