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Friday, April 22, 2011

Rain makes me sleepy...and lazy....or..

(Scout on the morning walk...stopping to smell the flowers.)

We got up to the in-laws last night. It was a pretty uneventful ride up. We did see 11 active police officers on the way up. Kept me in check a little (as I tend to have a lead foot on the interstates). According to Jason I drive like a grandma on regular streets and not like a grandma on the interstate/freeway. It was beautiful out when we got here around 8pm. 70 degrees out and a slight wind coming in.

Woke up this morning to temp's in the 30's and rain. Brrrrrr and *YAWN*! I got woken up by the sweet four legged child (the only child I have) with a request for a walk. I asked him politely to wait a bit and slept a little more. I got woken up again by the same "child" with a more urgent request. So off for a morning walk (@6:30 am) we went in the rain and the brrrrr freezy temperatures. Then back to the house for some grub for the little man, and back to bed for me. I woke up at 10 am. Well my eyes flutter at 10 and I decided I should probably get up.

Rest of the day has been pretty lazy. I went to the Art Center here in Waynesboro, where my Mother-in-law was training someone on how to do the volunteer job there. They had a cool exhibit of Fly Fishing stuff. Pictures and flies, some displays....all neat. It made me think of my Dad. My dad likes to fly fish, it's something he got into after I flew the nest. This year for his birthday he requested and we got him a fly tying kit....I hope he's getting to make some cool flies with it.

After the Art Center we made a trip to Kroger- because no day is complete without a trip to Kroger here in Waynesboro. Just sayin'.

We came home to check on the boys and put away groceries. The boys had taken off though and were headed down the mountain to shop or something. So Judy and I headed the opposite direction to find ourselves in Pandora heaven. Yes I am addicted to Pandora Jewelery. Well mostly just the charm bracelets. I have 2 of them, one is full and one I'm creating just as a race bracelet. It's hard sometimes because finding things to represent the races that I've done isn't always easy, or they just don't make the charms. In all the frenzy of looking at all the NEW Pandora out we got hooked. Well Judy got hooked, and she is now a proud owner of a new Pandora bracelet, with one bead that is retiring (a J for Judy), and one bead that is a football. She really loved the football helmet, but it's a wee bit on the pricey side because it has gold on it. Maybe for the next special occasion?? Judy was sweet and got me a beautiful (and NEW) shamrock clover for my race bracelet in honor of doing the shamrock 1/2 marathon last month. It's beautiful, but I'm keeping it in the box until I get home and can put it on my bracelet.

Now I'm just ready for bed (it's only 6:30 pm) but I think we are going to head out to get some Willy's....ummm I do love me some Willy's!!

(Scout checking out the scenery on the deck)

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