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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great Grapes

So Saturday....before the tornado hit...Jason and I met some friends at Great Grapes a wine festival in Cary. We had fallen into some free tickets (thanks Sara for thinking of us for wine fun), and thought it would be a good time. I hadn't researched well what the festival was....except wine.

Well it turns out it was North Carolina Wines. Now I've had some pretty decent North Carolina Wines....but most of those wineries were not at this event. Most of the wine was sweet, there was even a sweet Cab. Really?? We did have a good time checking out and tasting (thankfully they were just tastes) all the different wines.....but for these big bold red drinkers this was not the wine festival for us.

Yeah....notice the rain gear in the picture above. It was drizzling...and the tornado's really did come a little later in the day. I'm pretty sure that's why some of the wineries that were supposed to be there didn't show. Bad weather makes for low attendance and some possible dangerous situations.

(thanks to Dathan for sending the pic)

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