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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mountain Bike Ride...

So I've had my mountain bike for well over a year. I got it so I could ride outside in the cold weather and still feel happy. Riding on trails is warmer than riding on the road. My mountain bike is nice, but it's not anything's a beginner's bike. I'm happy with that. I have probably ridden it in total 4 times, all of which were on the bridal trails at Umstead. If you don't know what those are like...they are like really wide fairly smooth trail (super great for running).

So I finally did a "Real" mountain bike ride. It included a tiny little bit of single track (which I white knuckled and whined like a little girl), and then we headed over to the Durant Nature Park and road on wider trails, that I'm sure are not very hard to the experience biker. I however was terrified for a good portion of the ride. I did well though, I didn't fall at all. I did get off my bike to get it over a few obstacles and to go up a hill. I was having a couple of problems clipping into my pedals so's not a real enough excuse....but there you go. So the ride started from the Trek store (off Durrant Rd), and they are going to keep doing this beginners mountain bike ride on Mondays at 6pm, so if your in the area come out and join me. (try not to laugh to hard at how much of a Spaz I am on my mountain bike). Pryde lead the ride last week, and he was really patient with me. I was the only one (which I secretly liked because I didn't really want to look that bad in front of lot's of other people). I think it's going to be Pryde or Ryan leading the group. I've heard Ryan is pretty nice to the newbies too.

This is what my shoes look like after the ride!

Now my dilemma will be do I do the mountain bike ride or the Nog Run on Monday nights? I think I'm going to have to switch back and forth on them.

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