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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Job News...

So I've kept you all in suspense for long enough! Well...if you really know me, than you know already I guess.

The office I interviewed at liked me, and I liked them. We just couldn't resolve the days. They needed someone for Tuesdays and Wednesday, and I already work at my other office on Tuesday and Thursdays. They tried seeing if any of the other hygienists could switch around, but no one was able to do it. So they said they weren't going to be able to hire me. I was a little disappointed, but I understood. I really liked all the girls there and felt pretty comfortable in the office. I told them to keep me in mind of something else came up, and if they needed me for vacations etc I would be available.

Well as it turns out the girl they were planning on hiring wouldn't be able to start right away and they wanted to know if I could work the next Wednesday (this past Wednesday). Sure, I said ...I'd love to. It was another good day there working with people I like. Always a good thing. Half way through my working day the officer manager asks me if I'd be willing to work Wednesdays indifferently. They'd put me on the payroll (because it's nice to have taxes taken out for you) and see how it goes. I haven't gotten my official offer yet, but it seems like a good thing to me. I'm hoping that maybe in the future I can pick up Fridays at that office too.'s been awhile since I've worked "full time".

I got a taste of that this week. I worked at one of my go to offices on Monday (they usually request me when they need a temp), Tuesday was at my normal office, Wednesday was at the new office, and today (Thursday) was at my normal office (but it ended up only being half a day....which worked out so I could get my massage that I had to reschedule because of working on Wednesday).

So all the good wishes, and good thoughts were felt for this. I think having a good attitude and making your life as positive as possible makes all kinds of doors open! Yay!!


  1. Good that things are working out.
    Boy we haven't talked in a while now.

  2. Well...the update on that is...I'm not working for them except when needed. Turns out they found someone who could work their schedule and they like (I guess). So I'm working this week, and some fill in. Ohh well.