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Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's been happening??

(The Sky on our Thursday night dog walk)

Well...I can tell you this. My bike(s), and helmet, plus I'm sure a few other items, really need a good washing! I need to review the Delta Tri blog to see how to clean my helmet! It's so gross from all this summer heat, and my sweat.

According to Dailymile I logged 80 miles in last week, and 76 this week. Admittedly I skipped one workout this week. I just didn't have it in me to do my Interval Bike after a long day at work on Thursday. I switched my workouts around a little this week, because I had an all day scrapbooking day with my girlfriends on Saturday. I got to hang out with Megan and Joanie at Archiver's (the paper crafting mega store). Joanie is my friend whose son has leukemia, and who I am dedicating this season to training for.

(Ebony brought over his GIANT hedgehog, and I had to line them all up)

On Friday I went to the dog park in the morning with Scout. He had a great time. I brought his furminator (worlds best pet brush) to de-fur him while I was there. Well somehow I forgot it on the table (the picnic table in the dog park) when I left. Luckily for me one of the regulars picked it up. Friday night I picked up my friend Kim's dog Ebony. Kim was going to Philly to do her first 100 mile bike ride. I realized that I didn't have my furminator when Ebony came over, and I thought he'd do good with a good furnimation. So for the first Saturday morning in a really long time I took Scout and Ebony to the dog park. It's pretty quite at extra early in the morning (when I go). The boys were enjoying meeting new dogs and old friends. I went to follow Scout into the woods to pick up after him, when one of the other dogs in the dog park almost catches a squirrel (stupid squirrel). As soon as I start picking up after Scout I hear someone yell to me that Ebony seems to be limping. Hmmm...I come check him out, check his pads and look him over. He seems fine, but is limping, and won't put any weight on his back right leg. I thought...hmmm...maybe he'll walk that off. But as time went on he didn't walk it off and it seemed to not get any better at all. Needless to say I did not get my furminator back on Saturday. I went and dropped Scout at home, and took Ebony to his vet! Bad news from the vet is that he probably tore is ACL. He's on pain meds and anti-inflammatory right now. He's still not able to put any weight on that back leg, and it seems that surgery is going to be needed. *sigh*

(Ebony's back right leg - ouch)

Today, I met my friends Chris and Vicky for a run/bike/run (they just did a brick- bike/run). The weather was uncertain and I thought we might end up on the trails (on mountain bikes) instead of on the road (tri bike). However in the end, we rode on the road. In the middle of the ride we met up with DZB, and I saw a bunch of peeps out on the road including my good friend Ruth (who I haven't seen in like ages!!). So Awesome to be out in overcast skies and no real least for us. It seems we just got out of where the rain fell because when we came back the roads were soaking wet. It was a great ride, and an okay run afterwards. Turns out I didn't take enough electrolytes in during my ride, so I was cramping a little and getting some side stitches on my last run. It worked itself out though, and I was fine....just slower than I wanted to be. No worries, at least I made it!

(Chris and I after the workout...all sweaty, but still smiling)

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