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Sunday, July 10, 2011

You better check yourself...

So...I had a great weekend. Lot's to talk about....but first a little story from my trip to the frozen yogurt place. I LOVE frozen yogurt, and am so HAPPY that it's made a come back. My favorite place in the triangle is Yogurt Mountain (on Creedmoor Rd). Their froyo is the bomb-diggity! So I met my friend at Yogurt Mountain and had an enjoyable time eating our yogurt (we ate outside because we are fools and enjoy the crazy hot weather...I guess), even though it melted fairly quickly. After eating I had some items in the car for my friend and we went over to get them for her. We then stood around in the hot beating sun chit chatting for a little bit. Now we are in a parking lot where you can see the cars from the froyo shop and the burger place next store. So we are standing there between my car and the SUV beside me, and the SUV beeps like 5 we look around to see where the people are. There are no people coming. We laugh a little, and joke with each other that maybe we are standing to close to their SUV (I mean, it's a parking lot). So after a few more minutes a couple comes out of the froyo store and comes bursting towards us. The girl/women has a sour look on her face and blurts out "Excuse me" in a rough get out of my way voice. Of course, we are actually closer to my car, but move over a little more. She stares at us (I mouth *witch* to my friend), and they pull out of the parking spot with the girl/woman still scowling at us. I scowled/funny faced her back....I mean...for your life that bad that you are upset that people are talking near your car? HA!! I should told her to check is too good to be in such a bad mood. I just got a chuckle out of it.

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