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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Duke Multiple Myeloma Ride

My Back and # for the ride.

It was another Great Year for the Duke Multiple Myeloma Ride. I've done this ride every year since the beginning! (this is year 4) I did the 50 K this year....that's about 33 miles. The 50 K route is all the hills, but minus the middle 50 K of countryside that the 100 K has. After my bike ride I ran 20 minutes, as I am still training for my Half Ironman!

I got to the bone marrow center a little early to pick up my packet. I met up with one of the doctors who helps put on this ride...Dr G, she is awesome and super sweet. We talked for a minute and I broke down into tears (as happens when I get to close to the subject of my Mom's cancer). After I composed myself I hung out with a few of my friends Jenn and Nancy who were riding the 100K, and waited for my friend Bill who was riding the 50 K "with me". One of my TNT Augusta teammates also came and did this ride (Kim), and I also saw a few of my TNT Alumni pals (Rob and Cathy), ohh and my neighbor and dog walk friend was there as well.

The actual ride was tough, but really good! The hills were hard and long. The company was GREAT! I had a fantastic ride with a pretty good pace of 17.2 mph on those hills. Of course I was thinking about all the patients who were going through so much more than what I was going through on those it made it seem "easy".

After the ride I brought Dr. G a Multiple Myeloma bracelet (Angel of Grace), because I think she is AWESOME! She then bought a couple of more bracelets from me, and a couple of the other ladies (doctor's wives and nurses) also bought some bracelets. So I made some fundraising dollars at the ride. The after event is very nice for this ride....there is watermelon (I'm allergic, but most people really love it), burgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies, sodas, water, oranges....everything yummy!

Kim and I hanging out afterwards

I hung out after my ride and run, and waited for my friends Jenn and Nancy. They had a hard ride, Jenn doesn't really love hills, and it was a hard ride for her especially. While waiting I hung out with Bill, and Kim. I got stretched out by Dr Ahart which was nice. I ate. I rested. It was a beautiful day.
Jenn after her 100 K

Nancy enjoying the watermelon!

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