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Monday, July 4, 2011

It's been a fun trip so far...but no rest for the weary.

We made it to Virginia with no problems. I drove up (standard deal I drive up and J drives back). We saw 5 police officers on the way up (it's my new game to see how many are on the road), last visit was 12. There was a truck on the way up that I thought was funny...and I made J take a picture of it.

(Senior Moving Service and Estate Shoppe...hmmm does that mean they take the moving stuff and put it in their shoppe??)

We've had a pretty laid back visit so far, with most of my training fit in. It works better when it's laid back to fit training in. We had planned on hiking a little bit, but the heat is to much for some folks around here (gives J the look of "come on, please"). I did get my brick done on Saturday (it was a little short, but I was riding with J and let him make the bike route). I told him when we he said he was going to make the route that it needed to be about 30-35 miles....but he made it out for 24 miles because google maps told him it would take 2:15 min to complete. Ummm so 1:21 minutes later I was done with the bike and got going on my run. After I got back and took a shower we headed over to Roanoke to go visit J's brother and sister in law. We had a great trip exploring and hanging out. We got to see the house they bought and remodeled, and I can say...We Approve! They did a great job! Ohh and of course when we got back (I drove to and from Roanoke...4 police officers), we got some Willy's!! This girl was HAPPY!!

(Perfect temps....a little high on the humidity!)

(Bedazled Car...yep we saw Roanoke)

(the HUGE stuffed animal (bear) at a shop in Roanoke)
(the line at Willy's)
(the reward from Willy's)

Sunday was a swim, and I wasn't feeling it but I did it anyways. I rode out to the Augusta Health Lifetime Center with my father in law so we could both workout. It cost $12 for me to go in as a guest! Geeesh!! That won't happen again. The pool was a salt/chlorine pool and a little sluggish. It got crowded after I started swimming, and for reals people learn how to share a lane. So this older gentleman had pulled up a chair to wait for a lane, and I offered to split the lane with him. That worked out fine. People are a little crazy. So the swim wasn't great partly because of the pool, and mostly because my neck and shoulders are tight, probably from driving and doing hills on my tri bike. We had a fab dinner of steak, corn on the cobb, salad, and then dessert of WILLY'S!!

(Sunrise in the 'boro)

(pretty flowers on the morning walk with Scout)

(Scout loves laying in the grass....don't make me come in...please!!)

Monday (today) I got up and did my 45 min run....the directions were to run out of my comfort zone, and I did good for the first 3 laps (.86 mile per loop), then I started to get a bit tired. It was a hilly route...up and down, but then running around here is always like this! I was sweaty by the end, mostly because it was HUMID out again. Now we are just hanging out and waiting for family to come over to do a cookout! Afterwards, we'll probably be heading home.

(the Big Hill at the start/finish...I would make to about half way and then walk the rest)

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