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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Wednesday 10 miler!

My long runs have been on wednesdays the last few weeks. It's been nice. I haven't had work on wednesdays, so I've been going out early and getting my run done in the morning. I usually start at 6:30 am, and run until I'm done. Just to let you know, it had been a pretty toasty week. In fact on Tuesday 7/12, the heat index was 110 in the heat of the day, it was 101 at 7 pm. It didn't cool down much between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Jess met me at the half way point again. I a little bit before our meet up spot is a McDonalds which I usually stop at to use the facilities and fill up my water bottles with cold water. I'm so THANKFUL that they let me do that there. We had a pretty enjoyable run back, but it was so DANG HOT, and we ended up taking more walk breaks. It took longer than I wanted, but it got done. Next week will be 11 miles (wish me luck). At the end we remembered to get a pic of the both of us together. YAY! I also took some pics of my sweaty gross legs at the end of the run! I tend to pick up a bunch of debris by the end of the run! It was another run where my shoes were wet from the sweat rolling down my legs! YAY!!

Jess and I at the end of the run!

What my legs look like at the end of the run!

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