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Friday, June 24, 2011

Another week...

Blogging is becoming less and less frequent, as I am becoming more and more busy....with work and training...and general life. However I'm going to my best to keep updating when I have time. *smiles*

So last weekend I had an awesome time on the msfits ice cream ride. It was a great day, if not a little hot, for a 66 mile bike ride with ice cream at the end. I picked up my friend Kim at her house and we drove out to RTP, where the ride started. The ride took us all over the place including some my normal roads out in N. Raleigh/ Durham county. There were definitely some hills, but I met some new friends and enjoyed the ride. At the end of the ride I sat and ate ice cream while waiting for Kim to finish her 66 miles. I didn't take any pictures though..cause your brain really doesn't always work well in the heat and after being exercised so much.

This week has been weird. I swam on Sunday- in which Wake Boarders tried to kill us open water swimmers...well not really but they were pretty rude. On Monday I ran and swam, as well as worked a full day at a dental office near my house. Tuesday- this is the weird day, I worked at my normal office, and had a mountain bike ride planned for the evening, however the air quality was code red because of the fires to our east, and the ride was cancelled. The air quality seems to of stirred up some crazy allergies or something, because my head has been stuffy since then. I ended up coming home and taking a nap, and thought I would do some sort of workout when I woke up, but I didn't. Wednesday I had my last Cycle Study visit to the HPL, and a short run, then I went over to my friend Jenn's house to do a swim with her and the boys. However the air quality still wasn't good (code orange) and her littlest one has some breathing issues, so we all just hung out and went to dinner. I got to hear about Disney from the 3 year old, and he was SO EXCITED about the Main Street Electrical Parade....which was just neat to see his excitement. Yesterday was my REST day. I worked all day, but then came home and got ready to go celebrate my friend Kim's birthday at a Wine Bar near our house.

That brings us to today. My plan calls for a 10 mile run today, and I wanted to do it first thing in the morning (when it's cooler). However I got a call to work today (and when I get a call, it's best if I work....since well, since money is a good thing to have). It was just half a day 8-12, and then I went to my chiro office (which was pretty much next door) and got adjusted afterwards. It was nice to go see Dr Patrick, because my back and shoulders have been bugging me like crazy, and now I feel some relief. YAY. So it's 6 pm now, and I'm planning on waiting another hour to go for my run. It's going to be a night run....not my favorite. I was going to out about an hour ago, but it's just too HOT and HUMID. It might storm on the run tonight, and I'm going to just have to take that chance.

Tomorrow I have an hour open water swim to do. I haven't found any friends who have said they would do this with me, for sure yet, but I'm still hopeful. Otherwise I might have to make Jason come watch me as I swim back and forth in my little cove. Sunday is another big bike ride with a short run afterwards....I'm kinda excited because I'm meeting up with some new friends from dailymile (a social media/ training website). It's always nice to meet people in person after following them on-line.

Pictures from this week:

Me at the HPL on my bike...riding up a 3 % grade hill with the wonderful mask.

Front view

Look who else showed up at the Lab, my friend Shellie...who I hadn't physically seen in probably a year. Crazy right?

My little buddy, telling me about space and rocket ships. So much energy...I wish I could bottle it!

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