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Saturday, June 23, 2012

more adventures in Scout's World

So I took Scout back to the vet on Monday to "get his teeth cleaned", which was really get his blood work done and tested to see if we could go ahead and get his teeth cleaned or see what's happening.  So I dropped Scout off, and got the call to come back and get him a hour later.  His liver levels have gone up even more than the last time.  So the "treatment" we had been doing wasn't working at all.  The vet also looked at his front left paw just to make sure that wasn't anything "serious" going on with it, and she even took a film to check.  It looks like he just has some arthritic changes happening.  Of course I can't give him any anti-inflammatory meds (or NSAIDS) because they are processed through his liver, and until we know what's going on with his liver we don't want to do more damage.  Okay.  So the bottom line is that Scout is going in on Wednesday to have an ultrasound.  (that's when the ultrasound machine will be at my vet's office).  They'll be looking to see if he has nodules in his liver causing his levels to go up, and if he does they will need to remove and biopsy them.  He hasn't has his liver levels checked since he was about 3, so it may just be him.  He haven't had any procedures that he's had to be knocked out for done on him since then, so no blood tests.  I think we'll be doing blood test more frequently just because now.

On a different note: this morning while I was walking Scout we were accosted by a neighbor.  To be fair this neighbor and I have a history.  He was...maybe still is...a lawn care guy.  He had his own business, and I hired him to take care of my yard (as I do not like working in the yard).  He outlined what he would do, and then didn't do any of it.  He took was paid for 3 months ahead of time, and he didn't work on my yard.  When I brought it up to him he acknowledged that he wasn't doing right and promised to do better, but didn't.  I had to fire him.  He wasn't happy with me, and I wasn't happy with him.  He lives about 2 blocks away from me, and honestly I rarely see him (thank goodness).  Scout happened to walk by his house.  No problem, we were doing a nice leisurely walk.  I was texting a friend to see if she wanted to run after I finished walking Scout.  I was stopped in front of this Jack Wagon's house and Scout was sniffing the bushes (trying to sniff out the bunnies).  The Jack Wagon stepped out on to his porch and said "Chrissy you need to get Scout away from my yard".  WTF??  I responded with he's just sniffing at your bush, he isn't doing anything to your yard.  He responded that it was his property and that he didn't want Scout on it.  Then his baby momma (they may be married by now, but I don't know) came out and told me to shut up.  WHAT??  I called him a Jack Wagon (insert the other word) and pulled Scout away from his yard.  If I could of made Scout pee on command I would of loved it if he pee'd right then.  I don't know what people are thinking living in a neighborhood and thinking that dogs aren't going to walk by and sniff stuff.  Further more I have a male dog (whose pee is not caustic), and I pick up after my dog. Unlike some people who leave their dog crap in my yard.

So that's my rant and Scout adventures for now.

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