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Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Love!!

So I've noticed that I haven't written an update in awhile.  Truth be known, I'm a little tired.  Not bone crushing tired.  Not knock down tried, just a little tired.  Training has been going well.  My cycling miles are starting to add up!  We've started climbing some hills, and are working towards the goal of riding 100 miles around Lake Tahoe.  I'm not tired from training (don't get me wrong, I do get a little tired after riding for 3 + hours at a time), but my life is busy.  Yep, I know....everyone's life is busy.  I'm so happy to have a busy life.  I'm truly blessed to be able to live this life I've been given.

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day!  Which is also my Dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Dad), and my dog's birthday (he was actually born on 3/17....and he'll be 9).  I'll be attending a CPR class with one of my dental offices in the morning, which means I won't be able to ride with the Team tomorrow.  No worries though I've got plans to ride on Sunday!  *smiles*  So tomorrow the deal is don't forget to wear green, no need to get pinched.  Speaking of wouldn't hurt to donate some green to my fundraising for this amazing mission. (you can find the link at the bottom of this e-mail)

I'm a little behind on reading my emails, and updates.  I'm just now getting to them for the last 2 weeks really.  I want to share a story about my friend Vashni.  She doesn't have a blood cancer, but she does have cancer.  In fact this is her second time around with cancer.  It's sucktastic!  She has stage IV ovarian cancer.  Her world has been flipped, but she has the most amazing spirit of anyone I know.  I mean truly amazing!  Ohh and she can write.  Her blog (which was not started as a cancer blog...but turned into one because that's just how life goes), is an account of her feelings about LIVING with cancer.  That's right, she LIVING....she is not dying.  This girl is continuing her amazing LIFE!  I just read her latest post, and invite you take a peek at her life.

Fundraisers coming up:  This Monday the 19th is the day you should go eat at Moe's!  Welcome to Moe's!  Attached is the flyer you should bring, and hand out to your co-workers, friends, and family members to get them to go eat at Moe's!  All you have to is eat your lunch, or dinner, or both at one of the Moe's listed on the flyer (make sure you bring the flyer) and they will donate 20% of the bill to my fundraising efforts!

On Saturday April 14th, Wine and Design Wake Forest is having a painting party for us!  We will be painting the Red Poppies (which is beautiful).  No artistic ability required!  Really, it's so cool!  You need to go sign up for the class (which is $40) to reserve your spot in the class (there are only 28 seats available, and this is open to the get go ahead and reserve your spot if you want to do this), by going the the website or calling 919-453-0552.  This even will start at 5:45 at Wine 101, where Joe will have a special tasting for us, and continue around the corner to Wine and Design to paint our Poppies.

Together we CAN find a cure!
Chrissy Harlow, RDH

This year I've done the August 70.3 Half Ironman, and the Disney 26.2 Marathon, and now I am training for America's Most Beautiful Ride (100 mile bike ride in Tahoe) in June. All with Team in Training, raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Help me fund cancer research and patient services.  All donations are 100% tax deductible!

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  1. Just getting caught up on my blog reading. Thanks for the shout-out! Great thing to read first thing in the morning! You inspire and motivate me!!