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Friday, April 27, 2012

Writing can be healing...

So I recently wrote a very long post ranting about....EVERYTHING.  Nope you didn't miss, I decided not to post it. WHAT??  Yeah, it wasn't very nice, in fact it was downright mean.  HA!  Taking the time to think about if this effecting other people (what I write on MY blog) isn't always my strong point, but my hope to stay positive on here helped drive me to keep that particular post as a draft.

It was prompted by a friend who wrote in his blog about how he hadn't written in awhile because he was feeling so happy!  That his life was going to well and that it made it difficult to write.  I thought about how many peoples blogs are focused on the negative, or the need to get the BLAH out.  It feels good to unleash your fury on the world (in a "safe" environment).

So instead of that really snarky post, slamming all the people who have really pissed me off lately, you get this.  Life is tough sometimes, and learning to deal with it in a positive way is hard (sometimes).  I feel myself heading to the dark side, but try to keep myself in the light.  Remember that other people have feelings too (not just you), and even if you can't understand them, doesn't mean you should slam them.  Ohh yeah, and the reason I haven't posted as much the opposite of my friends problem.  It's not that I'm not happy, I've just been dealing with a few struggles.  Ahhh, such is life.

So I hope you enjoyed this little bit of nothing blog post!  *smiles*  Time to walk the sweet puppy boy now.  Try to enjoy your day!

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