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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day....or something.

So I know today isn't Valentines Day, yesterday was.  I don't really celebrate Valentines Day.  It's never really been a big day in my world.  I think the only time I thought it was cool was in high school, when I got an anonymous valentine, and it was cool...a big balloon a stuffed animal (I'm pretty sure it was a was a phase I was going through), some was HUGE, and I thought I was the bomb-diggity. it turns out, it was my Mom who did all that for me.  *winks*  I'm not sure I ever told anyone else that before...hmmm, it was pretty cool being that girl...with the secret admirer.  HAhahahaha.  Since then Valentines Day been pretty much ehhh.  My husband and I don't really celebrate (we celebrate every day of our lives!!).  I don't hate on Valentines Day though, I know people LOVE it.  So it makes me happy when I see on facebook that people are posting pictures of the flowers they got, or the candy, cookies, etc.  I think it's sweet.  I think it's sweeter when it happens unexpectedly, not because of a "holiday".  With that being said...I did get a Valentine this year.  One of my friends from TNT, who happens to live in California posted that she was making Valentines and if you wanted in on the action you needed to send her your addy.  I'm all about getting fun stuff in the mail, so I sent her my home address and yesterday I got a sweet and sparkly Valentine from her!  Awwww.

So how did I really spend my Valentines Day??  Well I'm glad you asked.  I worked.  HA!!  Most of don't have a random Tuesday off, and that includes me.  I worked at the dental office (the one near downtown) from about 7:15 to about 4:30, then I headed over to the pool (where I was going to swim, but sat in my car and listened to my book on CD instead, because my swim partner had an emergency come up and I just wasn't feeling a on me), then I did actually go into the pool and helped run the first practice for our Special Olympics Swim Team!!  Then I came home to my husband, who made me a yummy dinner (as he usually does...*smiles*), and my sweet puppy dog (who was overjoyed to see me because I think he thought I had left him forever)....ohh and my Valentine Card from my friend in California!  It was an AWESOME day.

So before Valentines Day happened the whole week before it happened...I know that's like totally crazy right?  Here's the re-cap:

Wednesday the 8th:  Got up, finally pushed myself out the door to go for a run.  Did a 5K, cause you know it was something.  It was cold, but the run felt good.  Went to work, saw 3 patients and came home with terrible stomach issues.  Stayed in for the rest of the day

Thursday the 9th: Woke up, thought I was feeling better.  Took the puppy dog for his morning walk.  Was not feeling better.  Called the office to let them know I wouldn't be able to come in.  Stomach felt like I had done a million sit ups in the night (and I know I'm not sleep walking doing sit ups).  I did venture out to deliver some lunch totes to people, but came right back home as I was spent from just driving, walking a few feet, and driving some more.

Friday the 10th: was feeling much better.  Went to work.  Did well all day.  Went out with the girls from work for dinner and a movie. (The Vow - a total chick flick, fun to see with the girls)

Saturday the 11th: Got out and went for a ride with the Team.  We rode up and down Jack Bennett was fun! It was a chilly ride that got windy at the end.  Hung out with one of my best friends for awhile.


Sunday the 12th:  BRRRRRRR!!!  Was supposed to meet a friend to run at 9 am, but we pushed it back to 3 pm.  It was 23 degrees at 9 am, and it was mega windy.  It was still chilly at 3, but not that cold, and still windy, but not 20 mph winds.  *smiles*  I also went to see my neighbor to give her, her lunch tote and love on my sweet Seven dog.

Monday the 13th: Worked...what, you don't work on Mondays??  Ahhh, but sometimes I do.  I worked in the morning for one of the girls at the Wake Forest office, so I was there from about 8-2, and then I grabbed a quick lunch (it wasn't healthy) and then went over to do a cycle study as part of the ear-bud testing group.  I love that I get to be involved with helping make this technology come to fruition.

There you go...a quick recap of my last week.  It's about to get busy!  *smiles*  I LOVE IT!!

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