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Monday, February 20, 2012

From Spring to Winter in less than 24 hours

On Saturday I was out riding with the Team in N. Raleigh in temperatures that got into the mid 60's.  I believe the high for Saturday was 65.  It was sunny and beautiful, and a perfect day for a bike ride, if I do say so myself.  We enjoyed a beautiful ride through the countryside and took in some nice climbs to get us trained up for our 100 mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe.  The group I rode with did a pretty good job of trying to keep a pace line (there were essentially 4 of us riding together), except for on the hills, were there are some clearly better climbers!   It was a gorgeous day.  It felt like Spring, in the best sense of what Spring feels like.  After the ride I went out and got a burrito with some of my teammates, enjoyed some more time with them.

Then I came home and got ready to hang out with friends who are like family.  We had a lovely time visiting with Pahner/Dorff clan and I got to play with my little buddies. (I also ripped my jeans...I sat on a nail and ripped them...hahahaha).

On Sunday I woke up and took Scout for his morning walk, and then went over to a friends house (who has been in the hospital for an accident) and took care of her cat and dog.  Then I came home and got ready to go for a run.  It was already cold and the forecast said it would just be getting colder throughout the day.  It was already wet too, and our rain chances were supposed to get heavier throughout the day.  Ahhh, and it's true.  It got colder and wetter throughout the day.  Chris came over and he and I did a quick wet run through the neighborhood, down to the greenway (I love that we have a greenway in our hood now), and back to the house.  3.29 miles.  Not stellar, but not so bad for a cold wet day.

The rest of day was pretty much spent inside.  I caught up on some sleep....I didn't realize I was missing.  When I woke up I checked the runDisney site to see how the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon was filling out.  UH OH... the 1/2 Marathon was filling up quickly, it was already at 93% full.  I talked to Jason, did some calculations to see how much airfare, hotel, etc would be....and we just don't have the money for it yet.  It was a hard realization that my dream of the Coast to Coast was not in the works for this year.  As it turned out the race sold out yesterday.  No chance at all now.  No worries though, I'll have other years (I hope).

After a little boo hoo fest (yes I shed a tear or two.....I know it's silly), I got myself together.  We watched the weather getting colder.  Made dinner at home.  Went out and got some silly dessert in the rain....that was starting to get mixed with sleet.  Once we got home the snow started to come down.  It was beautiful and white and had big-ish flakes.  It was starting to stick to the cars and the mulch, and even a little to the grass.  I took Scout in it for a was cold.  I knew it probably wouldn't still be here in the morning, but it was pretty to see.  I

I was right about it not really being here in the morning.  No snow on the roadways, barely any on the grass.  But it's wild to think that we had a beautiful Spring like day on Saturday and SNOW on Sunday!  That's North Carolina weather for you.

Today I'm going to go ride my bicycle (a little later) and see what the day brings me!

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