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Friday, March 11, 2011

I made some updates....

HINT HINT...I've made some updates to my blog.

With my updated widgets are some clues as to what my "faith" crisis is about.

Okay so here it is coming out of my mouth (or fingers as it may be): My ankles and feet are really starting to act up again. I say again because the last time they felt like this was when in the middle and after Nike Women's marathon in 2008. I hated running for awhile. Hated it. It was just painful, waking up in the morning with foot pain, feeling constant ankle pain, and just dealing with all the ick of it all. Well I'm feeling it all again. So my plans on training for a full marathon "may" be put on hold, and I "may" edit my race schedule to instead include a......HALF Ironman. Ohhh I know what your going to say...well those who know me well. What happened to the girl who said she didn't want to do an Iron distance race? Well here's the deal. Team in Training (in my area) is having the first Iron distance training group. I feel like I might of had a small part in starting the ball rolling on getting this to happen. With that and the fact that I could probably use some "FORCED" cross training, I'm thinking I should give it a try. I mean I know I can each of the pieces of this race on there own. 1.2 mile sweat, 56 mile bike ride, fun times, 13.1 run..yep I've done that a bunch now. Now it's just putting it all together.

I've been working at being more involved within my dental hygiene componet. I became a trustee this year, it's a pretty big responsibility, but doesn't take to much time. I'm happy for that. I was just recently asked to consider running for Vice President, which was such an honor to be thought of. However I'm not sure I'm going to have the time to be able to do that position effectively. I'm thinking it through though and considering it. My wanting to please people tends to get me in trouble and putting to much on my plate, so I'm really thinking this one through.

I'm also working on fundraisers for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Team in Training), and for the American Cancer Society (Relay for Life), plus coaching my AWESOME athletes for Special Olympics. I do have raffles going on, on both of my fundraising websites (so go check them out...the links are on the side of this page).

That's what's happening in my life right now.....

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