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Sunday, November 25, 2012

NC State Fair 2012

Sunset at the Fair
Surprise Aunt Chrissy get's to
come to the Fair too!
The State Fair this year was another fun time with some of my favorite people!  Jason doesn't do the fair.  And honestly I love it!  Mostly people watching, maybe it's just because I get to spend time with one of my best friends and her family....whatever the deal I always have a good time.

We decide this year (like always) we would go in the middle of the week.  We choose Tuesday.  So after I work I ran a couple of errands and headed out to the fair.  I met the crew in the parking lot.  Said Happy Birthday to my friend (her birthday was weeks earlier...but she had been traveling), and headed into the fair!
Pete eating corn.

Nate eating his hot dog.

We had a great time looking as stuff and walking around the fair.  We ate at our traditional places, except the church spot was full up so we ate outside with take out from corn on the cob and super sweet lemonade.  Fun times were had!!  We saw the animals (no touching) and produce, plus all the police cars and vehicles.  It was a wonderful October night!  

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